Price of service:

Only federal tax refund:  1950 baht (refund under $1000)
Federal and state tax refund:  2950 baht (total refund under $1000)
Refunds over $1000: 15% of refund

Tax refund requested


Federal tax refund 2017 (under $1000 refund)

1950 baht

Federal and state tax refund 2017 (under $1000 refund)

2950 baht

All refunds over $1000


There may be additional fees for having more than one job or more than one W-2.
There may be additional fees for tax refunds in years before 2017.
In over 95% of all cases Taxezy will get your full federal tax refund.
Some states do not give a full refund and some states do not give any refund. Please consider if it is worth requesting a state tax refund.

*If you have received a U.S. tax refund in a previous year by filing yourself or from turbotax or another tax service, we will need a copy of the tax forms that were filed to get your refund from this year.